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Suply drops gone


Anyone else get added suply drops in 1.6 update then all of a sudden some of them then have disapeared?


Yep. Same here. Both green and normal drops seems to dissapear, even durin the same event for the green ones


I don’t see the point in putting them in the game to then take them out again at latter date makes no sense


Also noticed on the green event drops sometimes the dinos are not there even if I haven’t spun them


That would be due to the despawn before the other dino spawns just unlucky timing


No actully that’s not true… Lol

So the green stops have none for 24 hours :grin:
I think you are wrong


So this is a suply drop you keep tabs on the whole time they are in effect?


You really haven’t read what I put have you :joy:

All green stops around me… Not just one…


Ok well contact ludia about the issue maybe they can help you