Supplies coins and money


Does anyone know the limit of coins and money to be taken per day? and in the arena too?


From Supply Drops the limit on money (cash or bucks) is 40 bucks per day. You can get more (2-3 bucks per incubator) by opening your free incubator every 6 hours. That means (without paying any actual money) you can get a total of 40-49 bucks per day.
They do mitigate this somewhat by giving you a bunch of bucks 1,600+ in the incubator you receive when you level up.
Coin limits are based on your level and VIP status. Info here:


Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but thought others might find this useful or interesting. I was fortunate enough to win 10 bucks from a supply drop today (without watching any adverts) and got this little blue notification on every supply drop that I clicked on thereafter:

I could be wrong, but it would appear that the total number of bucks you can collect from supply drops has been lowered to 10 a day. This doesn’t include the 6-8 bucks you get from the daily free incubators, but it’s still not much to work with.


I’m not 100% sure about the limit, but what’s the point of going out and grinding for hours if they are going to limit cash and coins? I’m at my daily limit for both cash and coins. If they think they are going to force me to buy coins,cash or their "one time offer " they are mistaken. There are lots of games out there. Uninstall and move on to the next one.


You can still get up to 40 on the event drops. Same with coins, I’ve reached limit on normal drops but the event drops still yield coins.


That’s pretty weird…but makes sense to me. Thanks for the clarification, @Phil_Blake!


You guys actually GET cash from supply drops? I had about a week of running errands with someone who let me tether onto them and every day we hit about 50-60 supply drop locations and never did I see a single piece of cash. I was starting to believe it’s exclusively premium members who got anything outside the pitifully small coin amount or a metric ton of darts that I couldn’t possibly use fast enough (meaning hundreds upon hundreds of darts simply went to “the void”).


Yeah, @Richard_Merrick, I was pretty surprised myself. I’m a non-VIP who’s been playing since the official release, albeit not super competitively, and it’s the first time I’ve gotten cash out of a standard Supply Drop. Granted I don’t usually wait around to watch an advert and give it a second shot, either.


I havent gotten any level up incubators since lv 4 and i am 9 now :z
Idk why it bothers me when u say now that there is bucks in it