Supply box inaccuracies UPDATED


I’ve noticed something very odd about supply boxes; as they rotate they show three potential reward drops. For example 10 coins, 5 darts & 3 cash. Or 10 coins, 5 coins, & 5 darts. However, the “advertised” items as such never appear when you activate the box. I’ve checked this repeatedly & it just doesn’t happen. I even sat under a supply box for an hour & wrote down what each of the 3 potential awards would be for the next supply but each & every time my supplies didn’t match up to anything that was shown. Not once. This might be petty on my part as I’m still getting at least something for free from it, but it bugs the heck out of me.
Can someone explain what’s the deal with this?
(Added info via edit: I have VIP)
The powers that be were kind enough to email me directly & explained that the pix of supplies are meant as an example that illustrates what you might randomly get in a box.


I noticed lately too instead of 3 items I’m receiving only 2.


Yep. If you don’t have VIP, you get only two prizes. The first is random of “Prize 1” side of cube and second is one of the “prize 2” side.
If you have VIP, you’ll get one more drop as you do from event SD.


You can get 3 drops as a non VIP. They aren’t guaranteed but it does happen.


Yeah, I only get two myself, either two coins, two darts, or one of each. NEVER has it given me cash, which is pretty frustrating; I only ever receive cash from the free incubator and it’s only 2…I’m Lv4 now, how did it drop from 3 to 2? I’ve even watched a trailer for a second try, still whatever 2 it decides to spit out.


Hi everyone, the number of items that you can get from Supply Drops can vary. Please check our FAQ for more information on this:

Money from supply drops