Supply box removed


I had a supply box just abot 200 meters from my house. I found this easy for me since I am disabled. Now what pisses me off more then the removal of the supply box is that all the streets around where I live have 1-4 on the and now my street has zero. Just gone. I hate to be a whiner but being disabled make it hard to play this game. There is enough spawns here so I have gotten a bunch of Dino’s but it would be nice to have the supply box put back.


Hey Joseph_Wellman, I’m sorry to hear that this happened, our team is always making changes on the locations of the supply drops, take a look at our FAQ here: However, our team is always happy to hear feedback on how we can make the game more inclusive, so reach out to our staff here at with your support key, and they’ll see what they can do.