Supply Depots, Strike Events

Since I started playing game my home was always within range of 4-6 supply depots, some orange, some green. At night when daily tasks restarted I could pop scent and walk 5 minutes two different directions and hit at least that many more. This also meant all Strike Events were accessible. A little over a month ago ALL the ones within reach of home were removed. Following week the rest in my neighborhood were removed. I have repeatedly contacted Support and get the ‘they are random’ answer. I know from observing the map that about 5 months ago all the SDs were removed in a swatch of neighborhood across the street and have still not returned. The increase in range has brought TWO in range. Adding insult to injury are new Strike Events appearing later in day.
How am I supposed to collect Food, Toy capsules, featured dinosaurs, etc. without going out multiple times a day? Or am I supposed to just be satisfied darting for 3 hours which does not meet Daily Task needs?

Well I have just been doing that. Only been able to dart and do events that are in range as I cannot go out. Been out only twice since I don’t even remember now. It’s been like 22 days I guess.

Ugh! Yeah, I’m looking out on map and can see multiple Gold Strike, but would have to get in car and drive. People with Ring are constantly reporting cars so I’m always worried about that too

I can’t go out at night either.
I go out once a day around lunch to blend in, then hope I can hit the night strike events from the house.
I really don’t know why Ludia did that to us.

This is killing me too. With the range expansion, only one additional supply drop was added to my home-available drops, bringing it up to a total of five. Months ago, there were six just within my normal 150m range. My area is on lockdown, it’s a little more relaxed during the day, but I don’t want to leave at night for fear of being stopped by police. I’m never quite sure how to act now. On top of that, people in my house are high-risk for COVID-19, so I fear being exposed to someone contagious and bringing the virus home. I’ve just kinda been dealing with the scraps, but it’s frustrating when I see strikes and epic event towers outside my reach, especially when they shuffle at night.

They don’t even shuffle anymore. And I was hoping the 4 empty drops around my house would be put to use, as they didn’t host any events at all today.

Yea Ludia really needs to increase the amount of these strikes and when they’re done they can make them convert to regular stops… I have 2 right outside of range but it’s just not close enough… So while there are 6 epic strikes this week, only 1 for me so far…