Supply Drop and Treasure Hunt limits



I’m at level 10.
I have seen that there is 8.600 coins supply drop limit and 20.000 coins for treasure hunt daily.
While I was playing the game, after 3 treasure hunt coins (2.500 x 3), supply drops says “daily coins limits reached” :frowning:
I was around 2000-3000 coins for supply drops in that time.
Is it normal?
Is these limits are seperately?

Hkmtksc# 4184


Good question. I was wondering if they were separate limits.


Hey Hkmtksc, thanks for writing in. The Daily Coin limits will apply to these treasure chests as well, take a look at our FAQ here for more information:


So Ned, if i take 4treasure chests, Then i cant take supply drops anymore but still 6 more treasure chests?


What if I don’t open any treasure chest and I collect 8.600 coins from supply drops, can I still open 8 chest more.
In this way, I can collect 28.600 in every day, right?