Supply drop animation broken

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Bug Description: supply drops animation is lagging or in other words broken

Area is was found in: Jurassic world alive

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen: for all supply drops

What type of device are you using: Apple iPhone

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Yeah. They dont really spin.

Noticed this, just figured it was less pressing than others.

Hey @JollyJoker, If your animations are still lagging, will you please send this info to support: so we can look into this further?

Many thanks!

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Same issue for me. When the supply drop is spun, it’s visibly slower than usual. Another thing Ludia have broken…


Same here, on every iOS device. The idle supply spin has a noticeably low FPS, and spinning it lowers it further.

Can confirm that this is still happening even after the emergency maintenance.

Hi all. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please consider reaching out to our team at with your support key included so they can gather more info. Thank you!

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Same. Still lagging. Don’t want to write to support since it’s the same issue to so many of us.

It’s horrible for everyone, juste focus on fixing the game instead of releasing 10 new creatures exclusive each update this is getting really boring

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Very well, but what’s with the policy that everyone should send in a ticket when there’s a bug that affects everyone?


Seriously. The tickets are already backed up, do you really need us to flood the support team with even more over a common issue like this?

Should I send in a second one over the ten-second lag every time you go in or out of the sanctuary screen? Where does it end?


Hey @RCRiv, no need to send a second one. The first one should suffice. :slightly_smiling_face: Regardless of whether it backs us up or not it helps us out immensely to be able to look into all accounts.

its gotten to a point where I cannot collect from drops, it spins forever and I have to close the game…

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I have one that spins and it doesn’t give me anything

same here. drops spins forever no reward -.-

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Here’s the proof aswell, Ludia fix your game.


It came to a point that I can’t spin ANY drops for this last 1 hour. This needs fixing ASAP.

This game is straight up barely playable anymore…

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Thank you all for the reports! As I stated above it does help us if you send this info along with support keys to The queue time is quite long at this moment but the tickets help us solve the issue!

been waiting 3 days now for something I purchased to come threw :slight_smile:, so I don’t think me reporting anything will even help