Supply Drop by Name


Can we get SD like the pokestops? I mean, with picture and name! This game is done with Google Maps and the SD are so random, it would help to get a previs of the SD that we want to get, at least to have a guide when we want to catch a dino


Hmm…it’s an interesting concept, but it’s cutting a little too close to POGO, isn’t it?

Some SD are only placed where they are based on street spacing, proximity to parks, etc. And the rewards are generally the same for every SD, no matter which one you visit, so it’s not necessarily going to enhance your gameplay to be told, “This is Main Street Supply Drop #4123,” or “This is the 142nd St & National Supply Drop.”

So while I understand why you might be looking for a little more detail and design from the SD that you visit, I don’t think it’s something that Ludia can legally or reasonably implement at this time. Maaaybe it’d be feasible to name Event Drops after the parks or green spaces they’re located in…but definitely not the orange SD.


But… then the supply drops would be limited to points of interest like they are supposed to be in PoGo.


Go play pogo then men
You have any idea how this would affect people who lives on litlle villages on the midle of nowhere like me? A big now for that idea im sorry


Which is quite possibly my biggest pet peeve with POGO, I’d say. At least with JWA, even though I’m consistently short on coins, I almost never run out of darts due to the sheer number of Supply Drops that are out there. I don’t have to worry about “wasting” darts on a Common creature for fear that something more rare and elusive might spawn. I hate to imagine what would happen to the game if Ludia adopted a completely “Niantic system,” so to speak.

For that matter, I never reached a point in POGO where I felt like I had a stable level of resources. It’s almost kind of insulting, in a way…but maybe it just wasn’t as intuitive to me, either. :woman_shrugging: