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Supply Drop coins


This morning I rode a bus when I went to work. I opened many orange supply drops, but nearly 7 or 8 out of 10 they gave me only darts and no coins. Even when there were coins, mostly were 83 coins. I remembered that before 1.5, we could get somewhat like 100-200 coins from each supply drop. Do you all have similar experience?


Yes. They actually nerfed non-VIP supply drops. Now it takes forever to collect all the coins. I don’t understand why Ludia do this to non-VIPs in this cold winter …

Btw, the change happened after the Boosted Supply Drop event … which only benefits VIPs.


I understand that VIP should get more than F2P, but there shouldn’t be such a large difference. Each time only 83 coins or even zero, it doesn’t take months, but years to level up a dino.

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It should be based on your lvl you can get more for example lvl 10 get 500 0 darts (best coin drop) 447 7darts (second best) and so on if not it’s just really really hard to get coins without buying them with bucks. Another problem is that 24h and 12h incubators are so rare that it makes it impossible to get coins from the actual incubators. Please make more common and if you’d like create an 18h incubator.


Alot of us dropped vip shortly before this new event was made… this event is simply an attempt to recapture vips by making it pretty much a vip only event. The difference vip makes during this event is quite large i was getting 600-900 coins per drop as vip… 89 as non vip.

This is the way ludia does business quicker you come to terms with that the sooner you wont expect more and be disappointed.

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Does it really attract people to become VIP? I think this could only make F2P quit this game. Without F2P, there will be a large decrease in the player base which in turn make the VIP feel it isn’t worth to pay.

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They only punish f2p players, like f2p spoofers….lol

Sorry, this is almost comical, and I know it must be frustrating for non vip. But think about it. Vip’s complaining they don’t get enough and they buff drops for vip. People complaining every day about nerfing dino’s cause they keep losing to one. What happens? They nerf dinos, spawns and supply drops…lol

There’s no middle ground for this company. All or nothing… Be careful what you ask for. The next nerf request could get the entire game nerfed…lol

Will be as extinct as a trex….


Yes, that’s true. They should buff for VIP but nit nerf for F2P.


Its not how ludia operates back in Jurassic world the game they have card packs you can buy they range from 10 bucks to 70 bucks… they have a mystery pack that used to be able to buy for 5 bucks. People found out it was a better value to buy a bunch of mystery packs then to buy the more expensive packs. So Ludia stopped selling the mystery packs.

They dont want to cater to their customers they want their customers to buy whats offered, when its offered… like one time offers.


I wish Ludia would at least not lie about it in the news, forum announcements, etc. Why not just honestly tell non-VIPs that for 30 days they’re screwed? I don’t get it.