Supply drop DNA?

Ok guys, I was really bored today and spun a supply drop for 20 minutes straight and got 300 T-Rex DNA!!! Has this happened to anyone else?? I’m hoping it’s not some glitch, but I’m hoping to try it out again tomorrow. I’ll post my results.


hell, has it happened to anyone?

Holy crap got a screenshot? O.O

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It‘s almost eleven pm here but I wanna try it too!

These are those orange cubes right?

When you say spin it do you mean swipe right after it turns brown?

Nice find! Did you spin it a few times one way then a few times the other way, or all in one direction?

I will give it a try in a bit, when I hunting and report back!!!

Was it the orange or green one?


I am going to try both!!

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On my way too!

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I just tried this and it gave me bary dna! So maybe we can get other epic dna too?!

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Didn‘t work for me…

Keep spinning

Because they are joking :joy:

For those that got it to work did you constantly tap the screen to spin or did you just swipe and let it go on it’s on?

How do I do this? I‘m clicking once on it it spins and goves me some coins and darts.

sowing discord, rather.

Don’t know what is the discord :joy:

Well you got me. Just went straight out to try my luck. Good joke, guys!! :joy::joy:

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The way we know this isn’t true is that there are not 5 other threads with folks complaining that they spun a stop and had Concave DNA hoisted upon them.