Supply Drop/Event Drop Change


I’m not sure when it was, I think with that last large update adding the new dinos, but at some point, event drops changed to be the same as normal supply drops. They stopped giving extra stuff or being exempt from the daily coin limit. Which would be fine, except that however they’re classified now makes it so they can become strike point towers.

Several of the event drops in my local parks have switched from event drops to strike points without warning. This means they no longer spawn the weekly dinosaurs. I don’t know if this happens elsewhere, but I’m assuming it does. Since both strike points and event dinos have a limited time frame where you can use them, I recommend ensuring they stay separate. That way, players can get the most out of both of these features. Right now, common dinos are still spawning, even if one is a rather uncommon common, but when epics are spawning, it might seriously impact what players can get from their local event areas.


I think that’s kinda the point why give DNA away when u can make it so players get just short of what they need and then have to buy incubators to make the difference


Maybe, but I think it’s more an unintended consequence of them not wanting us to get as many coins from drops, rather than because they want us short on DNA.