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Supply drop improvements

For those who try and max out the supply drops every day you know as well as I do maxing out the bucks sometimes takes 20 spins past maxing coin the game should just cap out everything if you’re close enough

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You realize that would be a bad thing. If the supply drop is maxed out, then the only thing you can get are darts, which everyone has thousands of because of the quarantine offers. You would be wasting the 20 dino bucks or whatever you have left to get from the drops

You might have misunderstood instead of just darts being given to you the game recognizes that you are looking for the bucks and finishes those off for you

Oh I see, so it gives you the remaining supplies. I thought you just wanted it to max out and just not give you anything. Yeah, this seems reasonable. How about when you have only one possible resource left to get, it will automatically give it the next time you open a supply drop.

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Cool :sunglasses: and it is amazing thing will have this game with our phone

The one thing i think needs to change on supply drops is increase their number. You can’t say this is a walking game with s straight face