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Supply Drop is gone ๐Ÿ˜“

The supply drop that was right outside of my house is now gone. :sob: Is there anyone that I can talk to to get it back? It was so convenient and it keeps my interest in the game.


Same here, I have VIP and the two on my block are gone but every other SD in my neighborhood is still there in the same location. I saw someone else mentionita because they know of VIP in the area so they removed the SDโ€™sโ€ฆ if thatโ€™s the case Iโ€™m SO done with this game, like Iโ€™m literally so pissed. I get itโ€™s just a game but when Iโ€™m paying money monthly thatโ€™s bull. :rage:

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I just lost two right outside the building where I work. they were here right after the update, and just disappeared within the last half hour or so. Oh well, they were nice while they were here.

Maybe a new one will appear near my house. I was in the middle of an empty space there.

Que sera sera

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Same for me. :frowning:
They were supposed to add SD, not remove them.
Without it, VIP level is almost useless for me, so Iโ€™ll not renew it.

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Hey guys since the update my event loot drop is gone:/Screenshot_20180725-233236_JW%20Alive

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The other is from my girlfriendIMG-20180725-WA0035

Before the update, there used to be 4 event supply drops around my neighborhood, but right now 3 of them were removed. Is there any way to bring them back? Itโ€™s really annoying to camp the same supply drop during the event.

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I used to have 2 supply drops on my house now have none, the park near me had loads of supply drops and was great for daily events but now half have goneโ€ฆ why remove 50% of supply drops

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Normally right on this spot there was always a stop from the beginning. Today this morning he still there and midday he is gone I restarted my phone I reinstalled the game nothing works.
Also the green ones are gone 5 I guess they all stand in a point of interest area one of the pic is a monument a block away there were a green one also a history monument. I have taken a VIP a few days ago Iโ€™m very dissatisfied. Les animal as normal to catch. The update is graphic stunning a big step forward. Now the other issues๐Ÿ™
I did the steps to stabilize my connection and try every thing that could help but unfortunately NOTHING!

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I experience the freaking same situation and Iโ€™m so stress! =( can anyone please help me to get back the supply drop stop that is right in front of my house please?! Hello

Yep, mine is gone too. So is the the stop sign and my left front passenger side wheel.

the same happen with me.

my account and my daughterโ€™s account show different supply drop location, even we play side by side