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Supply Drop Limits

Why does this say resets in 1d 0h,

I thought it was a daily limit? But this is the same ‘cycle’ or whatever you want to call it since this morning.

Am I being stupid?

Looks to be a bug, mine normally resets at midnight.
My pvp incubator also changed from 10pm to resetting at 2pm.

Definitely a bug mine are about to reset


I mean if they wanna give me longer to collect the coins I didn’t collect today that’s fine but I’ll be annoyed if it doesn’t reset :sweat_smile:

Try restarting your game. It might clear it out as the drop reset just happened!

Timer has started counting down for me but nothing has reset

Nah it’s happens at midnight our time which was over an hour ago it’s been closed plenty since then.

Weird 10101010

Mine always resets at exactly 8:00 pm EDT