Supply Drop moved


Has anyone experienced a Supply Drop moving? We live on a busy road and until this morning, there was a stop directly at our house as all the stops were evenly spaced. Then this morning, the one at our house is now down the road about 100 feet.


I want my event box back. :‘(
Ludia know where we live/work/play and changed spawns/supply locations accordingly
What's the reasoning behind recent change of supply drops?


So just wondering… the supply drop that was moved from 100 metres walking distance from my house to a kilometre walking distance from my house (and right next to another stop) was for my convenience?


There is multiple supply drops around me that I can’t get to because they are in fenced off construction zones… silly becauae of this was truly based on google maps they would know that they are construction sites… they have been so for many years now…


I guess the construction workers play a lot :wink:


Have they just changed where supply drops and spawns are located in relation to where you play most often?

It’s really spooky but all the spawns and stops which were within reach for me at home/work pre-update mysteriously now mainly appear just outside my (150m) interaction zone - does Ludia know where I spend most of my day? Have they moved things accordingly? Are they attempting to force me to buy premium to carry on as I have been? Hmm very suspicious!


I doubt that, Ludia has been playing with the locations of the supply drops, I don’t think they care where you live or work, they just moved a few supply drops, that’s all.


I saw some people in the forum got SDs right in their house or office which is great!
However I noticed one SD at my closest light rail station has been moved away to roadside of a highway ramp, which doesn’t make any sense at all.


I noticed they moved to. There was one at a chipotle just around the corner from me and a lot of the rares I get drop there but they moved the SD literally like 6 yrds. why bother moving it at all?


There was only over our house and moved this morning. I hope the moving drops isn’t a feature and the one moves back to our house


I think it’s a bug anyway. People are reporting being in the same room and seeing different drops.


There used to be one just outside of the range where I work - now there are four in the area and one is accessible right from my desk! You won’t catch me complaining.


There was always one in front of my house. Now it’s gone. Now I can’t collect epic and rare DNA from my apartment. I have to walk. Nooooooo. :sob::sob::sob::sweat_smile:


I had two outside my house, now they’re gone. But they’re still there on my sons phone! :triumph: I thought maybe because he is on android and I’m on iPhone?


It’s so sad, Ludia! I‘ll count the days until you bring them back. :confused:


You lot do realise how big the planet is :joy::joy: how can you all be serious moaning about a supply drop moving 100 yards… get off your backside and walk to it if you’re that bothered.
The game isn’t designed to just you :joy:


I walk several miles every day for ARGs so it doesn’t bother me that supply drops move, but… as per my original point; is player-data (i.e. usual location) somehow used in the positioning of supply drops? Because as I said before the drops at work have uncannily moved just that little bit outside my area of effect (as a Free 2 Player gamer). Maybe it’s just a co-incidence, I wondered if anyone else had specifically noticed this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have had a Supply Drop move from right next to another drop (a Dino of the day drop) to right in my house!! I am really happy, and surprised because we are in a new neighborhood which has a lot of building houses, and google maps doesn’t even say our house is a completed house yet! I wonder… maybe it is based on who plays the game and where? It may have also been because it was next to another Supply Drop, but it’s still good for me and my sister, who also plays the game. I wish the Dino of the day supple drop had moved instead of this one though… And, a Dino of her day supply drop moved from the other side of the park by my grandmother’s house (where I play a lot because they have a park nearby) to the corner of the park right next to my grandmother’s house! Coincidence? Maybe… maybe not…