Supply drop - reset counter logic/timer glitch


Hi, that seems to be a bug:

Same day, just about 1 hour difference, but left pic seems to be showing incorrect state and right one - correct (at least supply drop was enabled for rewards and limits where updated).

From my understanding supply drops counter should be reset once a day probably at UTC midnight and have no relations with time when awards were drained out to the limits.

Am I wrong?

(My time zone is UTC+3h)

Daily Limits not displayed after 5pm

Hey siberiaman, thanks for reporting this. Reach out to our support team here at with your support key and that screenshot so they can take a look and investigate further.


Thanks, done :+1:


Today it’s even much worsening it’s already near 3pm, but the counter still doesn’t resets :roll_eyes:


Where I live, the supply drops’ daily limits reset at 7 pm


Now it was reset, but I see no logic behind, because counter still showing hours, but I’m able to get rewards :thinking:


Now it seems to be somehow fixed, at least I’m able to get rewards at 10am:


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Bug Description:
Before 5pm, clicking on the { ! } button on a supply drop displays my daily limits. However, immediately at 5pm, the daily reset time, clicking the button has no reaction (no pop up, no error).

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Click a Supply Drop after 5pm (or the time that daily reset occurs for you, since you’re not on Pacific)
Step 2 - Click the { ! } icon to view daily limits

How often does it happen:
100% repro rate

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 8


Hi @EliShiffrin, thanks for the advice, the issue was gone couple days ago, but thanks anyway.

I’ve also sent support request via email, but I got a feedback too late, so I wasn’t able to test it again. And also I had the app crashing issue what seems to be somehow related with local time zones (as we’re advised to set it to NY time zone).

The issue with crash by the way still persists but doesn’t occur every time, for me it occurs when the app wanna show some news pop up (strike event, tournament notice and so on). Again for me it could be fixed with device reboot - not sure how it helps, but it’s working. Next launch I see a pop up and all following launches goes smoothly.


Hi Victor,

The issue is occurring right now. It has not been fixed. To be clear, the issue is displaying supple drop limits. I’m not experiencing any crashes.


Hi Eli, you should be right, today I was experimenting with arena’s 10 wins incubator reset counter and this issue (supply drops) appeared again but it doesn’t critically affect me this time - awards were available to pick up after few more hours than usual.

I’m still not sure what business logic applied for both of these (arena’s and supply drop’s counters) so it’s hard to say is it totally or partially wrong.