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Supply drop shuffles

How often do the supply drop positions shuffle? I know they change, but it’d be nice to have an idea as to when the changes happen. Sometimes I don’t get event drops (doing okayish this time; 3 out of 12 in range are greens [with VIP extended limit]).

Every day at reset.

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The morning or evening reset? Or both?

It’s every day at 14:00 UTC.

If your talking about the supply drops placements changing. It seems to be usually around every 3 months or once per update. It doesn’t happen on the updates and not all at once.

I’ll notice that drops have moved behind me back in the neighborhood and then within a week, the drops around my house will change. Then a different time, the drops down on the river trail will change. I’m already expecting another drop shuffle in a week or so.

There seems to be some what I call permi-drops where even when they change positions, there are some drops that are always at certain locations like the gas stations up the street or at my neighbors house because they have a woodworking business. Even down the street, there tends to always be a drop at a restaurant. All the other ones change.


I think that the POIs are provided by Google Maps. They seem to change every Saturday or Sunday but I haven’t seen them move for 2 or 3 months now. It used to be more frequent from what I can remember. The OP was talking about SDs and ESDs though, so in that case the reset is every day at 14:00 UTC.

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Yep, asking about the actual placements, not just when the spin resources reset.

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The distribution of SDs and ESDs reset every day at 14:00 UTC. The POIs change according to the provider (Google Maps?) How often it is updated is unclear.

The resources from SDs and ESDs reset every day at 00:00 UTC.