Supply drop spin lag & drone launch/return lag

After spinning a supply drop it takes about 2 seconds for the awards to pop up. Then after the awards I have about 3-4 seconds of looking at a frozen supply drop before going back to the map.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me and the luck that I can’t afford a new iPhone and I’m stuck with iPhone 6?

I can’t even get my daily coins and bucks maxed anymore. While being a passenger where I used to hit 6 or so drops in a short straight away now I barely get 2 and that’s spinning one early not on top of it.

My drone launch screen is also super slow and the drone return screen is forever on the screen. Takes forever to get back to the map.

I’m to the point now where I’d rather have the 1.7 crashes constantly than the long lag of 1.8. At least with the crashes I could spin a good handful of drops that didn’t lag. Then the game would crash. Now I’d have to be out all night and day to max my coins and bucks.

I’ve seen this a few times also the spinner lags for a moment then opens, its occasionally.

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Are you using an older phone like I am? I’m wondering if it’s everyone or just me and my junky iPhone 6 poor mans phone. My girlfriend plays on an older Samsung and hers does it too. Her phone played alright during 1.7 but it still was buggy but 1.8 made hers as bad as mine.

I have samsung galaxy s8 never had any spinner troubles like this till now. The game runs smooth except for the occasional spinner.

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Moto G5 Plus with Android 7.0 and yes, much more lag with 1.8. I noticed my phone was also getting very hot very quick. Thought it might just be the actual phone having issues. I switched to using a different Android phone with WiFi at home and same thing, still lagging and gets very hot fast.

Thanks. My iPhone gets hot and my girlfriend’s phone too. We just thought it was because it was hot outside too with the sun coming in on us. Haha. I guess it is something to do with the app.

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I have a Galaxy S8+ as well and have noticed it today alot…wasnt happening to me til this morning

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fireworks on the spinners not being optimized lol.

I wish they’d would take the animation out of the drops. Just tap and open Is fine. I don’t need to see it spin and now explode open. That would probably help a lot with the lag.