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Supply Drops 7/2019

Were some of the supply drops recently removed? I noticed that same are no longer around.

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They do get moved around now and again.

I want them be changed back to orange. The blue colour makes them invisible at night.

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I know someone else nearby who plays, and the supply drops that disappeared from mine are still on theirs.

One of my orange supply drops disappeared.

But what’s really frustrating me is that I had one green drop in the area round my house, but over the past week it disappears then returns, disappears, then returns. Last night it was there, this morning it is not. Whenever it disappears it turns into a normal orange drop.

I’m getting sick of it, it never used to do that. The only times they used to move green drops round were at the event change times each day, but now it randomly comes and goes. More stupidness from this game.

Oh and that green drop has once again changed to blue this morning. What is wrong with this game? Why are my green drops changing to blue like every hour?

I’ve had strike towers change to supply drops and then back to strike towers before. Multiple times during the same day, not at the daily map change time.