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Supply Drops and Spawn Point Locations


Searched the forums and really didn’t find anything that answered this question and not sure if anyone else really knows either (other than Ludia)

I had emailed Ludia about some supply drops and spawn locations being in a private gravel quarry near my home. This would be all fine and good if any of the drops or spawns were reachable from the roads in the area. Sadly, there is a rare chance to be able to grab 1 spawn from the road, but it isn’t very likely…

When I received an email back, I was given this:

“Supply drops are subject to move based on Points of Interest (POI) and real-world data information.”

The gravel quarry has had the same number of drops (6) and spawns (sadly… I see quite a few epic spawns here that I will never be able to reach…) for the past few months and nothing has changed there. There is 1 drop on the road I live on though this one doesn’t have any spawns… This drop gets spun several times daily…

Does anyone have any idea’s on what would be the cause for a drop to appear or how to get an increase in spawns at a particular area? What exactly would “real world data” pertain to? I can’t imagine what “real world data” would cause so many drops and spawns in the gravel quarry that would not have a similar impact in other areas… Cell phone usage? Internet? Population density? Traffic? None of these things really explain why a private area would be so lucky… same with people who have long driveways that register as roads on google maps… those usually always have drops and spawns there as well…


I’m pretty sure they said: “Sorry, we know we put reporting in the game for bad supply drops, but we’re not going to do anything about it.” Something along those lines. I’ve got stops up on a steep floodwall near my community. Not easy to get up to, and slightly dangerous if you climb the dirt wall to get there. Reported them all day 1 and they haven’t done anything about it. I don’t think they have the manpower to check all the reports and make the adjustments across the entire world.

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Makes sense…


Just break into the gravel quarry and spin all night while no one is there. I had a similiar issue where baryoynx spawned inside a park after hours. I had to walk from the west gate to the south gate where there is no fence make my way over a river using a water pipe in the night. Then i had to walk by a few peoples homes and right when i was almost in range baryonyx disappeared. I was so aggrivated.


We found quite a few drops last night that the road was gated and locked. The road goes to the police firing range. The police can have those Dino’s, I’m not willing to trespass or get shot for them.


I’ve constantly reported the drop outside of my house, it is across the street in a field and about 15 feet to far to the right so it falls between my house and my neighbors house. So that I have to walk to the road and near our property line to spin the drop. I’ve never received any response or anything, I just want my stop moved so it is beneficial to me at home.


We see a bunch in this “walking” game that you would need an airboat to get to. I guess you could “walk” through the swamp waters to get to them. Getting safely pass the real gators and moccasins for virtual dinosaurs is fun, right?

:snake::crocodile: = :skull_and_crossbones: ! :t_rex::sauropod:

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