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Supply drops at home


Well basically what I’m asking is for everyone to have a chance to have a supply drop they can use from home
Me I honestly don’t go out hunting it’s coold out there and mostly play from my sofa I was paying VIP but stoped since I don’t think it gives you enough and I’m not willing to spend hundreds of dollars in the things they do promote any ways just wanted to ask for that since when I’m in my parents house I have that luck and it would be nice to have a supply drop at my place just that cheers to every one


I used to have one in my home when the game very first launched. Then an update moved it a little away, so I had to step just outside.

Then the third (and final) supply drop move saw it moved all the way over to another house… I would have been okay with this had the same house not been in range of two other supply drops already.


I feel your pain
It would be nice for them to add something like you home or work place to add a supply drop


Seriously move in with my parents???
No thanks


Put a free supply drop in the store with a fifteen minute cooldown.

If the gps was reliable the cooldown would only count down while you’re not moving.


Should be:
VIP benefit - Supply Drop Location
Non movable unless you pay cash for it.
Can’t turn into Strike Event or Weekly spawn

Normal CD


I’ll be happy with any of them


Used to have one right outside my house now i actualy got to move and get one not a problem but gps doesn’t seem to track movement very well


I have 2 at my house. Originally had none. Have to go outside about 30 meters on each side of the house to reach both which sounds like it may be to much work for you to do, or to cold for you.

But if you want them all you have to do is ask. Not on here.


Ask were???


I hate to be “that guy,” but I hafta ask… Doesn’t this kinda go against the point of the game…being to walk and all? :thinking:


I agree with you
But a game is a game
And if I want to only use it in the bus on my way to work or whatever
And then just play from home when I feel like it and later in in summer time go out for a hunt why not
And at the end of the day again it’s a game there shouldn’t be a right way to play it


Since i started playing, I’ve always had a drop right on top of my house. Seeing all the random drops in neighborhoods made me think those were all people playing the game too. Guess i just got lucky lol


I wish the strike events were able to be accessed from a drop down menu as opposed to having to physically go there. The walking around for other things like catching Dino’s and getting supply drops is perfectly fine but the strike events should just be in the app like the battles


When the game came out, I had three drops I could reach from my living room. After a few updates, they all moved several houses away. I’d love to have them back for running scents at night when I’m not going back out.


There has always been on like 5 minutes away from my Apartment.


You don’t need a supply drop for using scents :wink:


I think everyone who has VIP gets a supply drop, at least since update 1.3. I’ve had VIP since May, but no SD within 300 m. With update 1.3, one magically appeared in front of the property (can’t reach it in the house, have to walk 30 m… it’s a big yard).

It alternates between orange, green and strike towers. I think it’s because of VIP… it would be good to know whether all VIPs have their own SD.


You do unless you want to buy darts.


I can tell you I was VIP from June till just now and never had 1