Supply drops completely AWOL suggestions


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This is painful, in my town there are plenty green spaces on Google, and several POI but they are non existant in the game…without being able to suggest a supply drop, the game is unplayable, over the past three days I have gone to every park and Greenspace to find nothing, no supplies no dinosaurs… Nothing… Any suggestions beside give up and uninstall


My area has random supply event supply drops in people houses nowhere near parks. Maybe ride around looking at game for something similar in yours? I also have parks nearby with tons of them so not sure why there are occasional random ones.

Also have a GIANT park not counted as a park, but tiny parks with tons of drops. So random


I will try but I doupt it, I have walked 5km in four different directions over past few days… And see nothing… So frustrating


There is an example about a neighborhood next to me with random event supply drop and spawn. Obviously no park nearby you can see all the houses