Supply drops difference

Here is a picture from myself and another alliance member. I don’t know why they get more than i do. Can This be explained? I would like extra interactions and an extra scent capsule.

It’s because you’re VIP. I have no idea why they did this, but VIP members don’t get any of that stuff for some reason

I’m VIP.

First picture = my regular supply drops.
Second = my event supply drops.


Oh wow I thought they only made the event drops special. But of course it’s a bug that hurts those of us who pay for vip.

For me a non VIP, both of the supply drops contain what’s in the bottom picture.

@E.D surely this isn’t supposed to be this way? If we pay extra, we should get extra. :thinking:

Hey everyone, our team is looking into this. Thank you for the report!

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Thanks @Ned

Whoa glad I don’t pay. I’m sure they’ll make it up to paid customers though.

Yeah hopefully they do. There’s quite a lot DNA we missed out on.

I have access to lvl 20 sancs, so for example:

Titanoboa (epic)
7(food) + 5(interact) + 7(play) * 2(each day) = 38 * 4(days without reward) = 152 DNA.

Oh great. So now alliance members are claiming there was a reset but not for me.

@Dbustos Well, were you affected by this as a VIP before the reset?

Seems to be a vip reset so that they get their items

If you’re non vip like me then your reset was at 9am eastern time when they added the supply drops on st Patty’s day. If you got your coins the night before for st pattys day then they reset for the green map you would’ve had your reset too and free items and coins.