Supply drops DO have limits!

Sooo… I had a good long road trip today and discovered that the standard supply drops can, in fact, be maxed out… Yes, even coins! :flushed:

The only thing I couldn’t see if they depleted was the darts (got home before I could find out).

Nothing of importance, just thought it was funny.

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The little i in the corner when you click on the supply drop, tells you the max of each item. Darts are infinite, but everything else has a limit each day.


:flushed::flushed: oh… I just learned something new. :rofl:


It’s alright, the game doesn’t tell you, I just learned it one day randomly :sweat_smile:


It’s funny, too, kuz I’ve been playing this game since day 1 and never knew that.


This is not new information :slight_smile:
What is good to know is that the limit gets reset on days when the special drops (like the hearts) change to or from normal.
Yesterday you were able to get to the limit twice. Especially for FIP items this is really nice.


I’ve been maxing them for months

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I’m not sure I get the original post.

If it’s a comment that there are limits to supplies as indicated by the little icons, then I am surprised. I thought just about everyone maxed out their supplies just about every day.

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I don’t, but that’s because I’m lazy and don’t feel like walking around and spinning Supply Drops all day :sweat_smile:

Everyone, every day? Lol. It’s quite a lot of work to open 200+ supply drops every day.

I also was maxim them but nowdays with the great supply drop magic it’s imposseble to get .
I now have only 1supply drop in reach and last month it was 6so they dissapair magically…

Any chance of getting the coin limit raised for the daily limit

With the current situation around the world (COVID19) players are playing more. Really appreciate the extra darts…but the limits on the supply drops are not high enough. I am finding that I am hitting my limit hours before it resets! And of course the darts don’t count bc we are way above the limit with the bonus daily darts. It would be cool if the limits were increased or reset was shorter time. Would also be cool if the darts we get actually go to our totals, allowed to collect them. I am finding that with 3 giga scents a day, I am definitely going through the 350x4 darts each day plus more.


I like to have the regular 140 dart supply and a dart bank. Any darts you purchase go into the dart bank. As long as you have darts in your supply, the darts will come from your supply. Any darts you pick up from supply drops or rewards go into your supply. If your supply hits 0 it could be handled a couple different ways. Either you start firing darts from your bank or your supply is filled to the top (140) from your bank. The only way to replenish bank darts is to purchase them from the store.

My personal preference would be to start firing darts from your bank anytime your supply is at 0.

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