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Supply drops just moved

It was like at this very second all supply drops on my map moved, this has been happening quite regularly and I have gained 1 bonus supply drop, so I like it. I’d say update was meant to be right about now before it got pushed back.

Mine just changed as well. I gained a green stop or 2 but now they took another that was close to my house and I lost 3 overall… I take that back, I lost 5 supply drops, ugh

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I finally have a supply drop within my radius and dinos spawning near me. I am happy. My zone used to be a dead zone. Now it is not.

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Good for you I have to use scents if I even want to find a single dino cuz nothing spawns in my area except for the green supply drops, 3 strike towers and a sanctuary. No dinos.

this is my problem

I know the feeling all too well.