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Supply drops moved and fewer to no dinosaurs to dart

Hi. I’ve been playing this game since December 2018 and love it. I play in the house because I’m being treated for cancer. I use VIP to help get all the quests done every day. Now that the supply drops have moved I can’t use a scent without running out of darts. Dinosaurs are very scarse now. I’d have to walk down a busy 2 lane road to get to ones I can see.

VIP isn’t beneficial for me now.
I really hope the developers will look at putting drops and dinosaurs back in to the areas most played by the players.

There is not much for me to do if there isn’t anything at my house. Not everyone can walk around to play the game.

Please do something. I want to play again.

I feel like the new drop/spawn placement procedure went like this:

  1. Write random numbers on small pieces of paper
  2. Place pieces of paper into a hat or bowl
  3. Draw out X number of random pieces of paper
  4. Use these randomized random numbers in the placement algorithm
  5. Tell players we have a new and improved system for placing drops and spawns

I have seen loads of spawns and drops in very low traffic areas. I have seen the reverse of virtually nothing in very high traffic areas.

I did better than some, I lost 2 drops around my house (9 to 7 using vip, 7 to 5 without), but I gained 3 drops around my work. Spawns at work are still pretty good, but spawns at my house are few and far between. My house is on the corner of a busy (yet rural) crossway, yet I can go two blocks over down a dead end road where one old man that is not playing this game lives and there are 11 drops within range of his house. I can go through town and in many high traffic areas, there are 1 or 2 drops.

Whatever method was used clearly was not meant to apply drops and spawns to places more people would be playing or make it fair or make it fun, so either its random or there was an ulterior motive for the new system. While the former plays into my facetious example above, the latter is probably the more likely.