Supply Drops, need muuuch more


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how are the Supply Drops created ? is it possible to add more ? i have the feeling it’s really hard to find some…
it means i don t ave a lot of DNA darts and it become really difficutl to catch creatures :frowning:

More Supply drops
Supply Drops rural players

I guess it would just depend on the area you live in. I live in town so I have a few supply drops fairly close to my house and a few more just down the street.


you are right, but at the end, that s not fair … :frowning:


Ik it can be hard to get enough darts because you can have very few very quikly.


I agree more supply drop would be nice or have it so you drone can get them at the same distance it can dinos to make nearby ish ones avaible when you unable to get out and walk to them… so far i like this game and got me away from pokgo and if they increase distance slighty say 200m (300 vip)instead 150m (200 for vip) basic could do really well as most people could get quite a few dinos and drop to keep playing where ever they happen to be. Reason for supply drop change is unlike pogo where you use 1-2poke balls per mon you use 6 plus darts per dino and slow to get back and no way to increase back pack space so you cant store a lot for a proper catching session


More supply drops for rural gamers please. Making the game difficult to play when you only get 5 darts :dart: at a time with only a few drop points to collect from. Is there a way you can increase your storage of darts without having to level up each time.


Numerous posts have been suggesting this ; not only rural areas are suffering from limited supply drops. Even major cities like Antwerp suffer the same problem (been there, imo way too empty).

Pre-update 1.2 there were supply drops everywhere. Still suggesting the same as always: revert to that update (the pre-remove battery one) it was outstanding and walking actually was a possibility.


Yo what… after the update, the supply drop at my house was removed. I have no where to go for one now. Fix this


I was wondering if there will be more supply drops put in the future?:tada:


I have noticed a very random selection of locations in edmonton, alberta, canada. Some locations are great and others are clustered in industrial areas while neighbourhoods with higher density housing have nothing for miles.