Supply drops no longer dropping cash

I have been noticing this for a few days now…when ever i activate the supply drop i use to get one of the following. Darts, coins, cash and rarely scent pods. But now all I’m getting is darts, coins and scent pods! I event check the supply drops for the items of chance and yeah, they are there but ive never. NEVER gotten cash lately! Ive gotten scent pods more often and i know they are a very rare random chance!

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It does seem that bucks have been reduced.

Have you checked the info tab on the drops?

Pretty sure that mine still says the same daily.amount that is always has (for my level).

It would be one thing of the ammount was different.But what im talking about is that i’ll m not getting ANY bucks. None. Zip.

RNG strikes again! It’s not just for battles anymore!

It does seem the rate for hard cash you get from supply drops has dropped since 1.5… i used to hit my max most day just from the work commute…someday i dont get any lately and ive yet to max it.

I imagine they lowered it to make up from the added cash we are getting from these dailys… cause opening 12 incubators for 4 hard cash is gonna break the economy.


I’m still getting cash. For a good while I would get nothing. So I’m guessing it’s just your turn?

It has probably dropped because of the daily rewards giving out cash.

I’ve noticed an increase in getting darts only. Really annoying when I still have tons of coins left to get.