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Supply drops post 1.10

Thank you Ludia for removing 3 of the supply drops around my house radius, you really doing players favours aren’t ya!

Why even mess with supply drops?


I lost 2 right outside my house


Looks like I lost 3 after few minutes in new update. If I wouldn’t take VIP trial, wouldn’t have any in reach.


Sounds like what Pogo did a few weeks back with spawn points. People that had good spawns got nerfed, those who had no spawns got more.

I personally went from 3 to 5 drops at my house, 7 if I drift.

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Had 3 went to 0 or 1 if drift (without vip). This means I’m unable to help alliance and finishing daily quests if I don’t have time to go on long walk.

How do you know? 1.10 isn’t even out…

For Android is out.

I gained some, and there was a few that shifted. I’m not entirely sure Ludia has complete control over this as the map is based on Google maps?

Some of it is based on google maps, but how something in Google maps in a random spot in a road can change? Unlikely.

I have the same amount but the only one that was right on top of my house is now too far away. Dang it. The previous positioning was much better.

I have gone from 3 supply depots to 1 if I am a VIP. This has made the game unplayable as I now have no depots and hence no dinosaurs to hunt. What were they thinking with this release.

Have gone from 5 to 9 here for some reason, you can all have one of mine