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Supply drops post update

Not only has Ludia taken money from me with this update (poured money into boosts… hey if if they make it available I’m doing it… otherwise get rid of boosts)… 6 of the 8 supply drops I could spin within range of my house are now gone!!

I only have access to spin 2 supply drops now. I don’t know about other alliances but spinning those things are always one of the last challenges finished because of the large number of them you have to spin.

We barely make tier 3 each week because only about 10-15% are on daily and a little more than half play at some point during the week.

With supply drops gone, we’ll be lucky to get out of tier 2!


I agree, they removed quite a few and then the other thing I noticed is the amount of dinosaurs showing up in general has decreased dramatically, I am not going to go out and drive or walk to find only 5 dinosaurs. I shot these and waited 2 hours and checked again and the only ones that had appeared is the green stops, I will have to drive around forever to find dinosaurs now