Supply Drops Problems


Sooo… Let’s cry again…
Supply Drops, another big issue in this game…
(Maybe you don’t have it same as me, but this happend in my town and near)

  1. We cryied a lot for moore drops, and Ludia decided to gove them to us, we were like YAY! Ludia listen to us! Nice! :grinning::smiley::blush:

  2. Then patch later, you slightly moved some drops, not realy removing any…:thinking::hugs: (And still no drops in big areas where were 0 before)

  3. Another patch later, i would say 0 but some were added or more than that moved, not tooo much, but some of them were removed, removed that way, that you don’t realy know that they were removed, i’m ok, some places had lots of drops…(and again still no drops to big areas where were 0 of them​:triumph::triumph::astonished:)

  4. Now patch later (mean that in Google Play or Apple store update, don’t know totally if in game or in stores​:confused:) more drops were removed and I see a difference a lot! (AND STILL NO DROPS IN AREAS WHERE THEY WEREN’T AND WE NEED THEM!!!:imp::rage::rage:)

So Ludia, if you’re removing drops, why the drops don’t give more coins???:rage: (Also incerase the coin limit!) Or just explain me why are you doing this??? :rage::angry: Some sort of “BALANCING” ??? Whaaatt?