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Supply drops removed and added precisely


I knew the supply drops can change. I Just noticed that 4 supply drops around my house were removed. About 10 drops out of 150m are still there no changes. One drop was added, and it’s also near the 150m border that I cannot reach.

Is it a coincidence, or an intentional punishment?:scream:

Now I understand why the reported bugs are not solved. They spent time thinking how to make you pay the real money.:joy:


They literally added a supply drop in my house!!


so ludia likes you unlike Minos :smiley:


You’re right, they did move stops around. Used to be 2 in the small park near me and one of them moved 1 street over. A new tower appeared a few streets north of here. Small changes, but i noticed it.


Yes, I usually write the complaints to Ludia. I guess I may be defined as bad guy…:joy:


It’s punishment for not spending enough money…lol

I have no change in mine. Sometimes they change from event drops to supply drops to strike tower but they are all in the same place.

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Go for a VIP subscription and then just outside of 150m problem will be solved :slight_smile:


This happened about 11 hours ago. The screen changed and about 30% of the points on the board changed from my perspective. This is not the first time they have done this. It did not look like new points have been added, but some have just changed locations. This will actually ruin my daily walk routine.


What has a better range meters or yards? I noticed an option for both. I will go with whichever has a further range.


Technically speaking, they’re the same. Yards might look like more, but that’s because 1 yard is shorter than 1 meter.

Also, I believe it’s measured in feet for Imperial. So that just makes it look worse. :joy: The system of measurement you use is purely preferential.


@NiceGuy No, I actually reduced my time in checking drops around my home and went for something worth doting than game. :sweat_smile:

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Right, they think this can push players to spend money getting wider range by the trick. But as I know the intention, I will not continue paying for VIP.:joy:


I can’t tell. I just moved. Where I moved to has absolutely no supply drops anywhere near the house.

But at least I’m no longer in L4.

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I definitely noticed a MAJOR change to drops. There are some new ones, some shifted slightly from original location but most of all, a good number that I have memorized on my daily commute has disappeared! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Samguy Just out of curiosity. Did you spin the disappeared drops around your location everyday?or did you spin drops anywhere until coin limit almost everyday?


I noticed this too, missing like 4 drops from usual spot at my house, and another 4 from a mall I frequent. Can’t find even 1 green drops, while last week there’re 3 near my house. What is even going on??


I have the same problem. Ludia has removed a few supply drops in my neighbourhood and green supply drops are ridiculously scattered and almost non existent sometimes. What is going on?


maybe Ludia is testing for the April rework: Event Supply Drops and Featured Creatures will be more regulated and spaced out. If by spaced out they mean almost non existent :smiley:


Well, that will only infuriate players because I’m struggling to find featured epics now.


luckily today I can find sino/anky that I am looking for but yesterday at least 70-80% of green drops had nodopato it was painful :smiley:

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