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Supply drops ,sancuary and allosaurus

i now have only 3supply drops in my circle when i used to have 4 to 5 supply drops and also my sanctuary is now outside my circle were it is not useful to me . and i would love to actually see allosaurus in my circle and outside my circle instead of suchomimus every day all day . and also make it easier to level up and giving dna and winning battles wether it be arena or incubator battles should help you level up .

I agree. This game is not worth playing, nevertheless the time and money people have put in for there boosts now this. Unless its changed back and I get all my stuff back there’s alot of ppl I know including myself that’s done with this game.

I agree , i would actually love to see allosaurus and t-rex both gens and echo, blue ,charlie and delta in my circle more then the suchomimus