Supply drops, towers and more... how do they put them in the map?

I wonder how do they do it.

I mean… We all know it depends on Google Maps and which business, parks or whatever you have in your surroundings.

What I cannot understand is why

Week 1: I have tons of golden towers
Week 2: Nearest golden tower is 2 km away from me
Week 3: Again towers near me
Week 4: Take my car, drive for 30 km… stop… not a single tower.

I sent several weeks ago reporting this issue for losing a golden strike tower and the answer, summarizing was it was my problem.

The point is… why such a big difference form one week to another?

I don’t expect to have them all near me but in an acceptable range in the areas I move.

Anyone else suffering from this issue?

Ludia should simply rotate the drops, towers, etc… every 3 hours or 6 hours to make things simpler for everybody.