Supply Drops - With New Release


Looks like we have a worldwide release.

Supply Drops have been NERFED bigtime.

I am VIP - But I am not going to pay for darts ontop of the Monthly VIP.
I am in a capital city CBD and in a there is 3 stops within a 500M radius.
Hope this is up fro review.

Also darts now show 200 as the MAX - but you cannot get more than 140.
There is now also a daily CASH drop limit.



I no longer have any supply drops in my neighbourhood. Really wishing I hadn’t bought a VIP. I’m definitely not renewing and will probably quit the game and ask for a refund through iTunes. I loved walking through my neighbourhood collecting stuff, but I’m not going to drive to a different neighbourhood just to walk around.



Yes it seems that the drops have been quite badly reduced.

Likewise I will not pay for darts ontop of VIP



Same here, several drops disappeared. I’m Also Done with getting in a car just to play a game.


You should never drive while playing a game on your mobile :running_man:


That’s not what I meant. I meant driving somewhere with multiple drops and walking at that place.
I really enjoyed being able to play close to home.


Thats probably one of the major concerns that made me quit PoGo. The moment you actually come ‘home’; you stop the app because there simply id nothing to do. Spinners are really important and they should probably adjust them again left n right; so far my neighbourhood looks OK. Still 3 spinners; but im also going to check the ‘DMG’, hopefully i can still enjoy my walk with dinosaurs!

Imo thats one of the major advantages this game has; being able to play nearby your home. They should definitely adjust them again especially if you think about it; cash, gold & darts all have a max cap so it kind of doesn’t matter how many spinners you can do or have; at some point you’re at a max cap anyway. I’d rather have more spinners over 1000 extra gold / day (actually being able to play vs in-game progress). I live in Belgium btw & i live in a more rural area.


I have to agree. There was a supply drop right at the end of my driveway, which was awesome! But now it’s gone :frowning: I have to watch my data and this game eats it alive - I may not be able to play if these supply drops don’t come back. I love everything else about the update, the balancing is perfect - but we REALLY need more supply drops!


In my area nothing much changed. Also Belgium.
I still have lots nearby imo
For me the max darts are still on 140 though, yet I have 147 :thinking:


A LOT has changed in my area. I have no supply drop in range at all now, before the update there were 2. Not as many dino spawning sites either :frowning:


200 is for VIP but even i can’t get past 140… Which is quite unfortunate. Additional darts can be earned via incubators they stack up even after 140.

Other then that i did some research in my neighbourhood while lots of spinners are still there, i also came accros areas where all spinners vanished; literally 3-5 or even 5+ completely gone. Mostly the walking route i take is halved in spinners as of now ( max 10 now; before at least 15-20.).

Even as a VIP im draining darts like a mad man; i cant keep up and have to skip dinos and even entire routes (especially without spinners) to avoid having no more darts in case of a rare or epic.

I had this problem before where i had certain gaps in my route with dart shortage but not as severe as of this time. Im convinced the spinner layout was (way) better pre-update; especially to ensure active play vs having to deroute for darts. Sure ; make me pay for VIP but having to spend even more on darts is really painful to play the fullest; or skip dinos, in other words skip progress and above all active play time.

I would suggest going back to the pre-update supply drop layout; not only does this give everyone additional rewards (perhaps reduce rewards / spin but add more spinners OR add the ‘view ad’ button again) but especially the FREEDOM wherever you WANT to go; not where the game “FORCES” you to go. Underneath imo a stunning example of how both PoGo and JWA are missing the ball completely, but dont get me wrong JWA actually does it way better already; imo still not good enough (which pre-update did way better):

Both pictures are very quiet, rural areas where numerous joggers, walkers, bikers and literally everyone come but cars. Its the perfect place to put spinners; the two pictures at the end are pictures of a canal im taking on my route, unfortunately the supply drops that stood there were removed; which imo were perfect and exactly what the game needed. Sure dinos still spawn left n right but without darts theres not much the catch ; without spinners i’m stuck between changing my walking route completely which is a shame really; love the canal walk in the evening…


I’m on a very limited data plan and can’t do much about it. I’m really losing interest in the game because there are hardly any dinosaurs spawning near me anymore. Before the latest updates it wasn’t a problem. I don’t know why they reduced them so severely. They would have a LOT more people capable of playing their game if they didn’t. If this doesn’t get fixed, I’m out. Last week I was so excited about this game. I’m VIP too. We need either more dino spawn points or higher range on the droids. You’d think that the company would want more people able to play - go figure.


Imo over here its completely the opppsite; i have a lot more dinosaur spawns nearby compared to pre-update unfortunately the reduction of supply drops really hurt in certain locations and especially when you’re by foot. I do have to say when on the move i felt like less dinosaurs were spawning but more rare ones spawn more frequently. I caught an epic and 3 rares on a one hour walk which is quite amazing really. Yesterday i went looking by bike and i caught loads of rares which i didn’t encounter that much before.


The reduction in supply drops isn’t really affecting me much because of the reduction of dinosaur spawns. There’s nothing to shoot darts at anymore anyway. I have more darts than I know what to do with. This is only since the recent update. Before that there were plenty of dinos spawning near me. I’m likely going to give up the game if this doesn’t change. It’s kinda useless without dinos.


My 10 year old developmentally disabled son and I would play on the way to school ( he hates school but loves dinosaurs so he was happy to go to school and get dinosaurs). We had 4 supply drops we could get on our walks. Now we don’t have any we can get. Yet they keep one that is in the middle of an extremely large deep ditch (it’s like a creek always water) and you can’t spin it unless you get very close to the ditch. My son is very disappointed because we run out of darts and have a hard time getting more. I had the VIP but have already canceled it because it wasn’t worth the money since the lack of drop spots. We will most likely stop playing if they keep things the same.
My sons frustrations are so high with the game right now.
I hope they bring back the drop spots we lost so we can continue to play…


I completely understand you. My younger brother is a child with special needs who can not get out of the house and stay home all days.
So far, I have played another game and I accidentally saw friend playing Jurassic World Alive has supply drop right at our home. I stopped playing this other game although I was in the top 10 best players in the world in certain criteria and started playing for Jurassic World Alive. The last month my brothers mood and condition has so much improved. Every single day he’s hardly waited for me to come from work so he can have my phone and spin supply drop and call me when dinosaur appeared so we together shoot darts at him.
Few days ago it was a big disappointment when that stop was kicked out of the game. I hope someday that supply drop will be back because 2 new that we get are in wood near our house and I think that no one ever spin them.


Well Ludia, at what will you step up and tell us what happened with the nerfed drops and spawns? Really not cool to put them in beta and then just remove them.


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I don’t mind tuning of the drops but PLEASE don’t stop them from appearing in neighborhood/rural areas. PoGo locks people away from this and being able to walk around neighborhood for items is extremely fun.