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Supply Drops?

Does an admin wanna explain how I lost 4 supply drops with this stupid update? What is the point of rearranging the drops that were just out into place not long ago? This is ridiculous!

Went from 5 to 3 and now to 2 1/2, ludia why? And they’re only on half of my map, the other half is barely taken up by a school but only barely, there used to be some drops there but they’re gone now

I think they get shaken up every now and then to make sure things get spread around. I certainly lost quite a few too.

They just did a shakeup a few weeks ago and put drops where there are actual houses on the map, now they’ve move them it weird obscure areas again. The one that has the epic strike today is just out of range, in a field, on a long stretch of road in the country… No one is stopping by there to do your 3 step strike, thanks!

i have 3 more supply drops after the update, i guess i got really lucky

The good news: I have one extra drop…

The bad news: Today being tuesday, I got two Carnotaurus in my zone, so 3 drops are unavailable, because the stupid boss has a mega hit zone, and my drops are all clumped together. (and fixing this bug is still on their todo list… Looking forward for Megalo which has a hit zone 50 meters in diameter!)

It’s crazy how they fix one or two things and break 30 more…

For the first time ever, I can grab one from my house.
What’s one man’s meat is another man’s poison…

Maybe I have been lucky with past updates, but whole home area has changed for the worse.
Not only did they move the drops closer together, make it really hard in some areas to dart when there are raid bosses and towers too close together, BUT I went from 9 drops to 6.
Anyone else experiencing this?

went from 5 to 3 to 2 1/2
Just hope ludia could’ve fixed this before taking away our bigger circle reach

Since Ludia will never say more then their working on it or their working with their content providers. I’ll try to help explain the why.

This game uses google maps and as an extension googles playable points. The playable points locations is 100% google… they create them and update them. Ludia then pulls them from googles server and turns those points into strikes and supply depots… I’m pretty sure sanctuaries are fixed locations outside of points because the one by my house never moves.

These playable points are a mix of randomly generated points and locations of interest. The randomly generated one can change.

Of all the google map based at games I’ve played… this game map changes the least… most change much more frequently. At this point It’s pretty likely Ludia changes the map less frequently for us because of the uproar it always causes or they wait till google tells them they have to update.

Either way it’s not something Ludia has direct control over… now distribution is another story though even that becomes unclear as the playable points documentation refers to different types of points as well.

Well the problem is that about 2 weeks ago or so the map updated and driveways popped up where they are in real life and supply drops were put at said driveways. Well with the new update the driveways are still there, but the drops have moved or disappeared, and some of them are in just out of wack places like a field…

Well the ones out in the field may be something Ludia could address. As it’s my understanding that points are either snapped to a road or spawned in the middle of a point. Like the ones in fields… those ones in fields have always been their Ludia just chooses not to use them. Games like Walking Dead our world has been using them since launch.

I doubt it’s intentional they are using those points as they have never used them before. So it’s something worth mentioning to them with specifics in regards to the field points.

If I had to take a guess the real issue seems to be around the fact that Ludia only uses a fraction of available points… how and which ones get “filtered out” seems to matter.

Edited to add: Map updates and playable points updates aren’t the same thing. I feel like Ludia updates the map side of things more frequently then they do points.

K, so my drops went from 2 1/2 to 5, random change again… not gonna ask any questions, I’ll take it and be happy with it

Nice! Mine are still the same, I hopped on when I see your post hoping they reverted it back, but nope!

oh sorry mate, sorry about giving u false hope, gonna feel bad about that for the rest of the night, but hopefully ludia can figure something out with drop spawns and such

Ah it’s not too bad, I still have supply drops I just don’t know why they moved them around the way they did. Thanks though

There are no changes in points rotations since 1.10 update. Every two weeks points rotate. Though update seems to cause unscheduled rotation.

Before update just got to rotation, where had supply drop at home and 6 in range, now back to 4-5 and none in short range. Not to mention that havent seen event supply drop in range at least 2 weeks.

They also fixed only useful bug in game, where boss disappeared after darting something. Today got Megalosuchus in my short range. No giga scent for me today most likely.

As they made adjustment due to current situation, they should double number of drops too. Especially since we got more strikes again last two weeks. As soon as there are more than 3 strikes (including trial) at least one is almost non existent.

My map changed for the first in over a year with 2.6. My points in my area and I mean like 30 mile radius haven’t moved since the last points update which was over a year ago.

Yes, many times drops don’t change. After months of having 6-7 drops in range, first lost 1, then another, to have almost 2 months same 4 drops in range again. In nearby park drops change places frequently, at least once a month.