Supply Stops Near Fire Hydrants?


Has anyone else noticed that many local stops seem to be located near fire hydrants?
Just wondering if this is a coincidence in my town or a broader pattern! Thanks!


You think that’s weird, try hunting while riding on the interstate. Every overpass had 6 drops, lots of dinos on the side of the road (or in the middle!), lots of dinos out in fields juuuust out of drone range…

At 75 mph, just trying to hit anything is almost futile.


Actually that is pretty much all I’ve done for the past several days - road trip. It is frustrating, but I caught a few and got lots of supply drops - the trick is to zoom in ahead of time and for dinos watch the distance meter go down, when it starts to go back up, you hit the collection button. For stops, zoom and keep tapping the screen until it’s close enough and will collect!