Support ANSWER


It’s has been a week and support hasn’t answered I have had the problem keep occurring and I need a answer cause it’s knocking me down in the arena


You haven’t put what your problem is for other people to try and help with a resolution


It’s dealing with hackers in the arena


You’ll need more of an explanation than that. Most times it’s not a hacker but just that you lost because of poor action choices in battles or you’re not leveled up as much as you need.


So u mean to tell me when u have already killed 2 dinos and are about to get the 3rd kill it glitches out and all of sudden they have killed 2 dinos to and my dino is stunned and it’s their turn🤔


Yes it’s possible. The glitch is probably your internet connection. I’m sorry.


Hey Sparrow, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Arena. Our support team has been getting a much larger volume of tickets than anticipated, but our staff has been working as fast as possible to get through and assist everyone. We are aware that hackers ruin the fun for everyone and there is no place for them in our game, which is why we are actively implementing ways to prevent hackers.

It’s possible that a connection error could also cause your issue, could you please make sure that you are on a stable internet connection before playing the game and to not switch between WiFi and data during gameplay?

A player from this thread is also having a similar issue with their connection. It might be helpful for you to try the troubleshooting steps provided in this thread:


How long was it glitched out? If it was like a minute or more then maybe that could have happened because of connectivity issues.