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Support Chat glitched - unusable


Did anyone ever have the issue that the Support chat glitched after a disconnects (failed to send a response) and ever since there is no way to use the Support anymore at all?

I can only try to resend my last Response which results in a "fauler to send " again.

I can neither start a New Support request, nor process on the one that is open, as my last Response simply is not processed.



Hey there, Satelles. I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the in-game Support function. Please reach out to our support team through email at with your support key included in the email so our team can help you out.


Yeah… well… I did… response: restart your app, wifi settings, no Apps in the background…

For a case of the Support chat not working anymore.

Hey Satelles, if you’re still having issues with your Support chat after trying the troubleshooting steps suggested by our team, please don’t hesitate to create a follow-up with our support team. They’d be happy to try and provide further assistance.