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Support - Failure to Resond

Is anyone else having issues receiving a response from support?

For the past 3-4 weeks the only replies I receive from support are abstract responses completely unrelated to the issues raised. It seems keyword searches are being used to provide pregenerated responses. This is unacceptable.

@ned, @jon, as i am confident many concerns, including my recent issue, can be resolved with minimal effort, I have resubmitted my recent concern and have asked support to read it prior to responding. It would be appreciated if either of you can assist with compelling support to address my recent support ticket.

Hey Orloch, could you send me a private message of your support key? Thanks!

I have forwarded my support key. Thanks once again. Your assistance is appreciated.

I’m getting some nonsequiter about forwarding my comments to Wizard’s. As if WotC has anything to do wirh Ludia other than licensing.

I have completely given up on support. My last attempt I told them the exact time and date when my issue occurred. A week later I got a response about a similar but different issue and was told they found 16 instances when I didn’t have an issue. Nothing about the actual issue.

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Thats interesting gpinsky1313. I have surmised my issue is easy to resolve. However, it is possible support has unsuccessfully attempted to identify the problem, which may explain why I received a generic response unrelated to my specific concern. Now I am curious if the next response will be similar to yours.

[Edit: Hopefully they reinstate your post. They can be quick to remove/edit posts which are critical of support.]

Ha I don’t mind it being removed. I kind of meant it with a humorous tone but shouldn’t have used a person’s name. Not their fault. It is just sad though the lack of support because I found Wizards to be great with support for Magic Online. Assumed that would carry over and really it should be easy to excel at support when your product is virtual and costs next to nothing to produce. I should be thankful because I was becoming borderline obsessed with the game now I’m not as invested.

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Hey @Ned,

Can you request H&S respond to my ticket this week. This is taking far too long. I have a new issue which needs to be resolved and I have been instructed to wait until the current ticket is resolved prior to starting a new one.

Thanks in advance.

[Edit: Another issue has arose this evening. Is there someway to get multiple H&S tickets open at the same time. The current response time is unsatisfactory]

AHHHHHHHHHHH. After a long delay, followed by being informed last week of further delays due to the Holiday season, I have just been informed my help and support issue is being closed again, with no response provided to my issue.

Other than Ned, it seems the support is either incompetent or being constrained by the development side. Regardless, support for WoW is worth nothing more tha a pile of dust.

I have the same experience which has led me to give up entirely on asking for support. Maybe that is what they are hoping from being so completely unresponsive.

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After waiting weeks for Ludia to assist, I have received a response from Alphabet within 12 hours, on a holiday nonetheless.

What’s Alphabet?

That’s like asking “What’s Google?”

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I am guessing that since not only have I heard of google but it is also a word that is used as a generic term to look something up and I have not heard of Alphabet, then it is probably not, but thanks for being so helpful since you obviously know

Alphabet is a corporate conglomerate whose properties include Android, Google, Sidewalk Labs, etc.

You’re welcome. @orloch did a better job explaining it though, so you should probably thank him too.

I’d never heard of it either and I read a hell of a lot of news every day. Depends on what circles you move in evidently

Support is non-existent for WoW. All we receive is the same shared blanket statements. I have concluded they are not even looking into the issues.

Argh. After a month the finally acknowledged they will look into my issue. However, blinded by their defiant ignorance, they seem unwilling to comprehend the scope of my concern. The indicate they are only going to look into one small element of the problem.

As a comparable, its like i have visited the hospital with a compound fracture, waited a month for treatment, finally being examined, but discovering the examination is limited to a scan of my temperature. Accordingly I will be diagnosed with the flu as the doctors have ignored the fracture.

Hopefully, they perform a more thorough investigation than what they are indicating.

After fixing my account making the game playable for a couple of days, it has become completely useless to play, It seems someone has decided to actively toy with my account.

I strongly suggest other players limit their criticism of support. I seem to be getting repaid sevenfold by support staff.

As others have suggested, I will give up on support, and will look elsewhere for satisfaction.