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Support for (falsely marked) Cheater accounts? Facing matchmaking issues and need help. I got nerfed by angry JWA anti-cheat bot, but

Yes, I got marked as a Cheater account by JWA anti-cheat bot. But hear out my story. It happened because of a buggy VPN app on my phone and not because I cheated or spoofed. The VPN had established connection to a different location server while my network showed somewhere else. I have no way to prove my innocence but I really love this game and decided to live with the consequences. The consequences for 2nd time ban (1 day temporary ban for 1st timers) :-

  1. 3 day temporary ban and forever marked as Cheater
  2. Removed from Leaderboard (THAT MEANS YOU EARN NOTHING FOR PARTICIPATING IN TOURNAMENTS & supporting your alliance)
  3. Loss of support (REALLY?!)

My account is a very regular one with no abnormal levels of dinos, cash or coins and it is not even maxed out to level 20. After my ban got over I faced all consequences. I got matched with actual trolls I guess with dinos 3 levels above mine and fully boosted whereas my entire team didn’t sport one. I got nothing for participating in tournaments. Matchmaking took ages. And yes LOSS OF SUPPORT.

I feel this is a bit too harsh. It’s a major blow already to be removed from Leaderboards and not earn any Tournament rewards, just for the sake of teaching us a lesson and 2nd time ban. Not being able to earn tournament rewards should be temporary and not permanent. JWA Ludia game could be a bit more lenient. But loss of support too??!

I mean come on. Yes it is entirely my fault that I got booked so stupidly for VPN troubles. But this has become unbearable. I DO NOT GET ANY MATCHMAKING RESULTS NOW AND GET THE SUGGESTION TO FIGHT THE AI (JWAbattlebot). All the time.

I did make a mistake of not being more careful. I accept the results. I do not own any high level dinos or boosted ones to cause trouble to other players. I realize that people hold rightful greviences against actual cheaters who notoriously flood the community. But I feel Ludia could atleast still provide the support.

I’m facing matchmaking issues and have no where else to ask. Please.

Just create a new account.
Ludia made it pretty easy to catch up.

100% agree with @W1ckety
You will soon be back to where you were if you start a new account

@Ned , can you help he?

Hey there, Spacey. I’m sorry to hear that happened. Could you please write an email to our team at explaining your situation if you haven’t already? Our team would be happy to take a closer look.

Thanks @Schtemty and @W1ckety for you viable advice :slightly_smiling_face:. I will choose to ignore it since it does nothing to reimburse the past 9 months I invested in the game.

Thanks u @Manuel_Alejandro_Ri1 for pointing the right direction towards me :smile:

Thanks @Ned I will get in touch with you guys :+1:

My android phone account is stable not moving location but my iPad moves location it’s on the jwa settings on the iPad you have X2 settings regarding location actually in the game iPad settings for jwa on my alt account and which one to use. Same location at home but it puts me about half a mile out, WiFi only on iPad no sim card, it likes to put me Inna middle of a field for some reason ? Something to do with precision location

People are asking for this “feature” all the time. So all you gotta do is being marked as a cheater apparently? :slight_smile: