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Ludia, players, Ireally need a missions guide with chapters, episodes and how prevent our begginners dont quite the game for the complexity of the missions.

Depending on which one you are on search for posts like the one I have linked below…

Then post within that thread the help you might need. Or link to the thread in this post with the question you might have. Keep in mind some of the missions get moved around from time to time so there is a potential the thread will have an outdated mission list.


I believe this is a one stop of everything we have accumulated thus far. As @Sionsith said, the Story Missions can change with every update, so if you see that anything is out of date, please share screenshots

The Dino data spreadsheet by @Mary_Jo will help you

Thanks to everyone, now I get it, the missions chage oppon your level and updates, thank you all again.