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Support issues - Editted Repost

Thank you Marek for deleting my initial post rather than allowing me to edit it. Deleting my posts has provided the opportunity to redress the issue in a manner which will appear more favorable to Ludia.

Let me start by foreclosing Ludia is an amazing company with the world’s greatest coders; even the dude wearing the Waldo hat is awesome at his job. Unfortunately, on this rare occasion I somehow discovered a very subtle bug which is resulting in ToM mismatching.

There is currently an entire thread on such issues [which i will not identify to remain in compliance with forum rules] in which I have tagged and requested assistance from support. No response was provided. Something must be amiss because support is always prompt and active. Perhaps it was inadvertently overlooked.

Additionally, I raised match-making issues through in-app help and support [I will not quote the derelict response here to remain in compliance with forum rules] Perhaps the response from in-app support was a typo.

This being said I am still looking for assistance. Marek is there any chance you can locate a response to my concerns?

I have re-read the from rules and I am confident this re-post conforms.

Oddly, attempts to repost this topic are being blocked because this post is too similar to a previous post. I suppose it is referring to the one previously moderated. This paragraph has been added to alter the post enough so that It can be posted again.


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