Support Issues

Due to the untimely death of my previous phone, I’ve had to get a new one. Upon doing so, I reached out to Lovelink Support via the email address provided and received two autogenerated responses. One indicating my email had been received the second indicating the team was receiving a lot of emails and it would take awhile for a response. That was over a week ago. Yesterday I emailed again hoping for a response and received the same two autogenerated responses. I have paid gems sitting on my account so I do not want to abandon it, but would like it transferred to my new device. Anyone have any solution as to how to get in contact with support? Anyone have the same problem?

Hey @lydianjb, I’m sorry you have not heard from our team yet. I’ve sent you a private message.

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Hey Ned, I responded to your private message and am eagerly waiting for your response.

Same problem here. No response except the automatic. Help option no longer available in settings now, so can’t remind myself again :frowning: