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Support key


I’ve asked for help on my devices and I haven’t gotten a response
[support key removed]


I’m trying to link my iPad to my account bc I can’t access my phone per business. When I try to login, it starts a new account on my iPad at level 1.?!


Do not post your support key like this. PLz delete the message


Am I in danger of posting I your forum?


We’re u using Facebook or Google for backup? If Facebook u can login to your Facebook and then open jwa it will work. But if Google then dunno if it will work on ipad


Posting support key on forum someone can misuse it


Please don’t freak out! I’m just trying to get my account on my iPad. That’s all,


Ty, I’ve been trying- what else should I do ?


Try emailing them. But ofc they’ll tell you there’s nothing they can do


Hey Rainbowslide, if you weren’t able to access your old game account by reconnecting to your Facebook on your iPad, then it’s possible that your game was on a Guest account or you were linked to Google Play instead. If you had already emailed our support team here at with your support key, they should be able to assist you further with this once they get a chance to look at your ticket. In the meantime, if you could access your phone with the saved game again, you should be able to transfer your game account over to your iPad by linking to Facebook.