Support not understanding problem

First of all I would like to thank everyone from the support team that tried to help me in the last two weeks.

I had problems with my Facebook connection and the age verification. These things were handled in a very satisfying way. Everything works fine now.

But I have another problem that seems to be not as easy to explain or understand.

After the update I was able to activate my second Toothless and my trust points were correctly gone.

But after the next login my game was detached from Facebook and I had no possibility to reconnect. It was a problem with age verification and is working now again.

But not only my trust points were still gone after reconnecting. My second Toothless was also lost.

So right now I am missing 1000 trust points or one complete Toothless.

Since I opened my first support request I was told three times to get trust points by exploration again (not that I am able to proceed there any further at the moment) to unlock Toothless correctly. Which obviously does not work. Then I should send a screenshot of my Toothless trust points to prove that I am above one thousand. After that the support told me that he would send me ONE trust point to get everything back in order. Which as you can guess did not work.

Maybe it is because I am not a native speaker or maybe because support staff does not have the time to read my requests more than one time to understand that the problem is different from -I cannot activate Toothless-.
I don’t know…

But what can I do to get things back in order? Any ideas around here. Had anyone similar problems? And got them solved?

I’m sorry to hear that, @Brainstorm. I’ve relayed your message to our team, and they would be happy to make this right for you.

Yes, this is a widespread problem. The 1 point was supposed to.unlock the missing thousand but it didnt work. Many of us are awaiting the next step from support