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Support replying time


Quick question. I emailed support almost a week ago and they haven’t gotten back to me yet? Also was I supposed to get an automated email back because I never got one. I’ve check the email a million times to make sure it was the right one and it is. I just wanted to know how long it usually takes support to get to your ticket since I’m really missing playing the game and the vip I bought has been going to waste. Thank you for your time and patience

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Maybe u have same question with 10 ppl before u… and perhaps the answer has already been provided


I looked through the forum for a while and all i see is the same answer. I was hoping for a new one. Im sorry if I bothered you :frowning:

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Hey Galactical_Squad, I’m sorry if our team has not gotten back to you yet. However, could you make sure that you had emailed our staff here at If that was the email address you contacted, send me a message of your support key or the email address you used to contact our team so I can take a look for you. You can send me a private message by clicking on my forum name and selecting the Message icon on the upper right corner. Thanks!

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I joined the forums specifically for support response issues. Got in touch with a support personal still no response since last contact 3 days ago.

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