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Support Response Time

Has anyone had a large delay in support response time for issues within the app?

Yeah I got jipped of one of the Epic incubators this weekend and had a ticket sent in and it’s been 3 days now. Figured everyone complaining about 1.7 is the cause but just curious

I’m going to guess they are dealing with higher than average support requests at the moment.

Which is fine, I’m not gonna riot because my issue wasn’t solved right when I wanted, just curious to see what the community is experiencing.

I havent been able to play since they updated to 1.7. I put in a ticket the same day (what, last Tuesday?) And didn’t get a response till Friday. They asked me essentially a yes or no question, and I replied to their email within 5 minutes, and now STILL haven’t gotten another response. I’ve missed a whole week of DNA, incubators, cash, coins, etc. So yeah, I’ve experiences frustratingly long support wait times.

I’ve sent two in. One shortly after 1.7 dropped and one last night, and have yet to hear back from either. I am assuming that they are working their way through the shedload of issues recently raised so patience is worth having.

On Saturday I was about to win the Master level tower strike, and with two Dino’s left and the AI’s down about 50% health it all the sudden said I had lost without receiving a single hit and I had lost the strike for the second time. I had a Tryostronix full health ready to do a DSR and a Dracocerotops ready for the swap in kill. I’ll be fine as long as it’s not over a two week period. Last week they responded extremely fast to another issue I had

I finally got another email! Except it appeared to be an automated response to the last one I got, saying in short “is there anything else we can help with? If not this ticket will be closed and archived.” This is week two without being able to play. It’s pretty lame.

I should also mention that their ticketing system seems super messed up, it tacks on another ticket number with every reply. Am I sent to the back of the ticket queue every time? I have no idea, but it certainly feels that way.

One of my alliance member got over charged for VIP subscription. He has emailed them twice about it and gotten no response. Been ongoing for a week or 2 now.

Yes, I have been waiting for over 3 days now but therevis a huuuuuuge que at the moment with lots of tickets coming inm we must be patient. They will get back to us.

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