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Support team challenge not recording stats


Been playing now for over an hour and not one support supply challenge point has accumulated for my team is this having the same glitch as the other one you were having as well


I think nothing is working for alliance missions at the moment.

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My DNA and darts fired are wrong.

Edit: now all are back to 0


Hey Louis_Liljeros, I’m sorry to hear that you were having this problem over the weekend with the Alliance Missions. Could you let me know if you’re still having this issue? If so, I’ll be happy to report it back to our team so they can investigate further. Thanks!


I’ve had this issue in the past 30 minutes. Oddly I didn’t have broken alliance missions over the weekend, minus the unlimited rewards. (other thread on that one).


Thanks for letting us know @GravityKills. Our team have been made aware, and they’re looking into it. In the meantime, if you notice any other bugs or issues with the Alliance, please feel free to report them to us here: Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th