Support team never getting back

Support team is now ignoring me and will not get back to me . I have sent multiple emails . Either way I get the same response about my account being flagged. Their automated system flagged me about 4 months ago for traveling and playing , yet they will not repeal any flags. I am begging to look into my account again and see that I have never cheated nor will I ever


I would recommend finding a new game to play. Ludia does not care about it’s players. They only care about the money.


I know this much but maybe if I keep at it they might do something try calling says press 9 for English then speaks to me in French >.<

“try calling says press 9 for English then speaks to me in French >.<”
Classic Ludia moment


This might be some humour from Quebec.

I get the same response each time i contact them. They flagged my profile incorrectly and arent willing to fix it.

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@Ned Please help him out

@Steven_Kopko got u, they’ll reply in a few days

Haha did it work :wink:

ehhh, just keep waiting, man

Still waiting for the support team to get back to me they refuse to even respond to my emails now so can someone from the support team help? @Ned @support .

Ludia told me yesterday in an email that they do not provide support for flagged accounts … so that means they accidently flag you . And no matter how much you support them they do not give you any support? Isn’t this just terrible ? You support this game with your hard earned money while they sit in an office and tell you we don’t offer support to flagged accounts

Dude, i have had the same issue for 3 months now. i have emailed at least 10x, each time the reply has been the same “ we dont provide support for flagged accounts “ . I haven’t cheated so i am not sure why they flagged me. I would like for this to be resolved please @Ned